• Our Library

    The spacious library of the College holds a Collection of books (text books and reference books) . The institute has a collection of approx. 1038 books for D.EI.Ed / BTC course. There are 12 educational journals which are also subscribed.

    Vikat has encyclopedia , dictionaries and sufficient number of reference books. Multimedia , Computer Systems and Internet Connection are also available to teachers and students. Newspapers and Educational Magazines are also available.

  • Our Mission

    The mission of the vinayaka institute is To provide comprehensive education that prepares students to contribute effectively to their profession and society.

    To provide state of the art facilities and world class education, training, and outreach services in the areas of.

  • Our Vision

    We want to become a premier institution globally known for its excellence in academics and also for its valuable contribution to industry and society.

    We will create a dynamic and collaborative climate to broaden our students’ managerial competence; and build an Institute that is resilient, flexible and productive.